About Us

Who we are?

Green Hans Education Corp. was born firstlv on 2013 as “Manitas Verdes” in Colombia, our main goal in that moment was to offer a didactic, experiential and educational support to Early Childhood. We worked with educational institutions  and the community in an ecological context that supports the environmental knowledge of class projects.

We have recently been “reborn” in the United States with the same spirit of working with the little ones, but with a new proposal that incorporates innovation, circular economy and continuous improvement within the framework of sustainability. Our goal is to be part of the new era of disruptive education.


Our mission is building up a new era of knowledge for the childhood that is already living in a challenging world with scarcity of resources, which will allow them to grow up with a different mindset totally aware of the importance of recirculating the materials that are already available by innovative and disruptive education. Green Hands Education advocates for giving our children the space to have a voice and to participate in the new processes of sustainable development, to be agents of change where they live and interact.


To be the pioneer academia-lab of training to facilitators of the child-friendly version of the Circular Communities of Practice, recognized as a world-class program for achieving the best methodologies that includes childhood in innovative processes of circular economy, training 5.000 facilitators and impacting more than 30.000 children through a disruptive and innovative space in 2025.


Ivon  More
Strategic Partnerships Manager
Mrs. Andrea  Cobo Ve lasco
Glenda  Monge
Program Manager