Our Business

A academia – lab with a program to train teachers can lead the communities of pratices (CoP), which consists in open innovation sessions in an enviroment where tangible and replicable solutions are made jointly to facilitate project models and circular initiatives, which means tha Green Hands Education will be in charge of the adaptation of the methodology and pedagody to be “Child-Friendly” as it oriente to children form 4 to 12 years old.


1. To create a program that represents a milestone for disruptive education and empowers  the childhood  as agent of change for the sustainable development and climate actio Aligned with  the Sustainable Development  Goals of the Agenda 2030  number  4, number  12 and number  13.

2. To train people for becoming facilitators of CoP for children, which means generation  of “enabling circular jobs”. Aligned with  the Sustainable Development  Goal of the Agenda 2030  number  8.



Trained and certified by 2025



Participants in the child-friendly CoP by 2025


•There are no initiatives to involve the creative-innovative process of our childhood in sustainability and climate action.

•Traditional education schemes haven't become aware of the importance of environment and sustainability as cross-axis topics.

•There are few initiatives dynamizing the "enabling circular jobs" as they have been centered in technical skills so far.


Responding to SDG 4, our program will adapt a succesful approach of the circular economy, which is going to be the child friendly version of the Communities of Practice (CoP).

• To create an academia-lab centered that creates a program where environment and sustainability are considered as human cross-cutting topics will be considered as a novelty.

• Create new jobs through a platform that trains and certificates facilitators.