1.Direct clients

This refers to those who purchase services directly, whether to certify their teachers, individuals who decide to become certified individually, or parents who wish to have their children join a CoP.

● Kindergarden and elementary schools.
● Libraries.
●Independent profesionals willing to certificate themselves as facilitators.
● Parents that want their kids to be inmerse in a process of circular economy.
● Daycare centers.
● Farms.
● Non Governmental Organizations and Foundations.

2.Indirect clients

This refers to those who pay us for the programs, but other are the beneficieries, or the ones that are beneficieries but does not pay directly, like the teachers that are already working in educational centers.

●Companies through CSR.
●Teachers already working in educational intitutions.
●Special needs teachers already working in educational intitutions.




●We are integrating innovation, sustainability and disruptive education.
●We are empowering the little ones to be agents of change.
●We are dynamizing the circular labour market.



● They are offering traditional environment education.
● They are only academics without measuring continous improvement.
● They are training teachers, not facilitators.